End 2 End Process

When you call I will arrange an appropriate time slot.  For first time jobs this can be between 1.5 and 2 hrs. 

Prior to my arrival it would be helpful if you could clear a working area in front of the fireplace, six feet by six feet is ideal but not essential.  Clear access to get equipment to the fire place will also be required, the width of a doorway is ideal.

I would also appreciate it if you could clear any ash and debris from the hearth, although I don’t mind doing this for the anyone who may find it difficult.

It is also a good precaution to move any items and/or ornaments from the mantelpiece. 

When we arrive we’ll lay floor sheets as required, cover any items as we consider necessary and seal up the opening of the fireplace to contain the soot whilst we sweep.

A visual inspection of the chimney will be undertaken from the ground and a smoke check will be undertaken before the sweep commences. 

After successful sweeping of the Chimney a further smoke check will be undertaken if necessary.  We will also observe and advise in regard to Carbon Monoxide detectors and Room Vents.  (Carbon Monoxide detectors are compulsory from October 2015 in rented property and public access building e.g. Pubs and Hotels).

Should I be delayed in meeting the appointment time, or I am able to arrive ahead of schedule, I will endeavour to call you ASAP.

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